We believe that we have a responsibility to our co-workers, partners and the communities in which we work. Commitment to and leadership in health, safety, environment, security and quality are driven by our core values and our vision to be the industry’s preferred ultra-deepwater drilling contractor.


Corporate responsibility is a critical part of our business and vital to our success.  Investments in our people and the communities in which we operate are part of our long-term strategy to deliver for all of our key stakeholders.  We expect all our employees to actively participate in our corporate responsibility initiatives.

Our commitment to responsibility encompasses:

  • Health: providing a healthy environment for employees and contractors
  • Safety: taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees and contractors
  • Environment: safeguarding the environment for future generations
  • Security: effective management of security-related risks
  • Quality: delivering first-class services and products
  • Community: commitment to communities
  • Suppliers: building and sustaining a highly capable and efficient supply chain


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