We will provide the resources and training necessary for all personnel working on behalf of Pacific Drilling to work safely.


Pacific Drilling's primary objective is the safety of its employees and contractors.  The safety and proper training of our people directly impacts the success of our business.  Pacific Drilling runs comprehensive training programs to ensure that our employees are well-versed on all of the company's policies and processes, and prepared to act when necessary.  Our team supervises all of our safety training and operational processes to ensure that Pacific Drilling is operating in line with industry best practice.

All personnel are responsible to:
  • Be familiar with the contents of applicable Safe Working Practices
  • Conduct themselves in a safe manner in line with Standards and associated Procedures
  • Interrupt any unsafe act or condition
Shore based management are responsible to:
  • Ensure resources are in place to satisfy Safe Working Practices
  • Ensure training requirements are satisfied by relevant personnel
Stop Work Obligation

All personnel working for, or on behalf of, Pacific Drilling are empowered to stop work (provided it is safe to do so) that causes any concern related to health, safety and security or environmental pollution. This is our Stop Work Obligation.

Pacific Drilling personnel are expected to stop any activity under this obligation; including those performed by co-workers, client representatives, contractors or management.

There will be no repercussions for any individual that stops work with genuine concern for risk, irrespective of the final outcome.

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