We take responsibility for the security of our employees.


Pacific Drilling operates in a variety of geographies, each with its own inherent levels of risk.  We are aware of these risks and have designed our security processes accordingly.

The management of security-related risks is a top priority for our company.  With employees around the world, it is imperative that we take all necessary steps to ensure each of them work in a secure environment and, when traveling, safely reach their end destination.

At Pacific Drilling, we will:
  • Make it a line management responsibility to provide visible leadership in the implementation of security management processes, supported by dedicated security resources.
  • Require that everyone takes full responsibility for their own security and that of the persons around them in a team work environment in which we all care for each other.
  • Establish relationships with security experts that provide information and guidance including flag state administrations, government law enforcement, coastguard and military agencies and embassies.
  • Implement comprehensive security management programs that take into consideration local threats and focus on protection of employees and family members while in the home, office or traveling, and the security of vessels, offices and facilities.
  • Comply with all IMO ISPS requirements.
  • Set security objectives, measure and communicate results, and act to continually improve.
  • Define, develop and maintain required security-related competencies through training and drills.
  • Take time for proactive security activities by planning our work to identify hazards, assessing associated security risks, and implementing and maintaining appropriate risk control measures.
  • Anticipate and plan response and recovery to security-related emergencies, crises and disruptions.
  • Stop activities when concerned with security risk and only continue if risk is reduced appropriately.
  • Monitor both leading and lagging security performance indicators to guide our improvement focus.
  • Encourage open, honest reporting of hazardous situations, incidents and accidents, apply systematic investigation methods, and define preventive and corrective actions to minimize future recurrence.
  • Share and collaborate actively with our colleagues, clients, contractors, industry and regulators on security-related issues.
  • Recognize, acknowledge and celebrate outstanding contributions to our security efforts.
  • Monitor our compliance with security-related requirements through comprehensive inspection and audit processes that contribute to the continual improvement of security performance.
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