Pacific Drilling’s position as an industry leader is driven by our mission and core values.


Who Are We?

When founded in 2008, Pacific Drilling leaders established a vision and a set of values to help guide the growth of a unique, ambitious new company. Over the past decade, Pacific has evolved by building a reputation for helping our customers address complex deepwater drilling challenges and by employing dedicated people who are the best at what they do. Our mission and values have evolved since 2008 as well.

Our purpose—what we are all about—is captured in the form of our company mission statement, while our core values are the basic building blocks of who we are and how we behave. Together they reflect our ongoing growth and evolution. Our mission is customer focused with success defined through safety, efficiency and reliability while our values describe how we will deliver, be accountable and nimble while making deliberate choices to act with integrity and fairness.  

Our Mission:

To exceed customer expectations by delivering the safest, most efficient and reliable deepwater drilling services in the industry.

Our Values:    

We areProactive // We never stop looking for better ways to meet the needs of our customers, both external and internal, and address every task with passion, precision and purpose.

We areAccountable // We are accountable for our actions and take ownership of our individual contributions to the team’s success.

We EmbraceChange // We believe change encourages development, so we remain nimble and always open to new thinking and ideas that challenge our status quo.

WeDo the right thing // AWe act with integrity and fairness in all we do and make deliberate choices to ensure the safety and well-being of our co-workers and to protect the environment.

About Us
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