Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called Pacific Drilling?

The “Pacific” in Pacific Drilling continues the theme of other companies associated with our sponsor.

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When were you founded?

Pacific Drilling was founded in 2006. In 2008, we initiated construction of our first four drillships.

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When is your fiscal year end?

December 31

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Why did Pacific Drilling decide to specialize in high-specification floating rigs?

We believe that the greatest opportunities in the offshore oil and gas industry will be found in technically challenging or remote deepwater fields.
We have chosen to focus only on this segment of the drilling market because there are great advantages from fleet consistency, such as the ability to optimize our maintenance and operating systems and inventories and supply chain processes.

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Where are you listed and what is your ticker symbol?

Pacific Drilling S.A. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PACD.

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Where do you operate?

We currently operate in Nigeria and the United States Gulf of Mexico.

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What is your relationship with Quantum Pacific?

Quantum Pacific is our majority shareholder and is represented on our Board of Directors by three board members.

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Where are you incorporated?

Luxembourg.  Our principal executive office is located at:
8-10, Avenue de la Gare
L-1610 Luxembourg

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What is your dividend policy?

At the 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM), Pacific Drilling shareholders approved a proposal that the company make cash distributions of up to $152 million in the aggregate to shareholders in 2015, with the form and timing of the distribution payments to be determined at the discretion of the Board of Directors. In February 2015, in light of current market conditions, the Board of Directors resolved to defer the declaration of any distribution until the Board has more clarity on market conditions and the contracting of the company's rigs. 

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How many employees do you have?

Over 1,500.

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Where is Pacific Drilling’s corporate office?

Houston, Texas

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How can I get a copy of your annual report?

You can electronically access our latest annual 20-F filing, dated February 26, 2015, via the following link on our website:

You may request a hard copy of our annual filing, free of charge, by emailing or sending your request to:

Pacific Drilling Services, Inc.
c/o VP of Investor Relations & Communications
11700 Katy Freeway
Suite 175
Houston, TX 77079

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How can I be notified when new information about Pacific Drilling becomes available?

Please register for our email alerts using the form, which can be accessed at:

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